Letter: Distracted students and distracted driving


To the editor:

Lenox Police Officer William Colvin should be commended for setting up the presentation of teen traffic safety from the International Save A Life Tour (Eagle, May 9), as should all of the businesses and nonprofits that donated thousands of dollars to this program. Hopefully, maybe and just maybe, some of the 120 students got the point that distracted driving kills 36,000 Americans, and 10,000 more are killed from drinking and driving. Many more are seriously injured.

Unfortunately, some of these students just don't get it. These so-called "know it all" students don't know what they don't know. How disrespectful these students were to those who organized and donated to this event by using their cell phones during this presentation. Only to be "gently" reprimanded (really?) by Assistant Principal Brian Cogswell. Then, others said "they're really not telling us anything new." These students don't even realize and appreciate that this program was done for them.

Well, then, maybe local and state police, EMTS, fire departments and other first responders can send these students graphic photos, videos, or maybe even a live feed of some the horrific accidents that they encounter all of the time. Maybe that will "shock and awe" them enough to understand, rather than blow it off.

The sentencing of 18 months probation for the man who was charged with causing the accident, which resulted in a death, is nothing compared to the nightmares he will have the rest of his life. Then of coarse there is the pain and sadness that family and friends have to endure forever.

Virtual driving is like a game. Actual driving is real. Drive like your life depends on it because it does.

Bob Balawender,


The writer is a retired professional truck driver of 45 years.



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