Letter: Don't buy from stores that exploit puppies

Don't buy from stores that exploit puppies

To the editor:

Puppies sold in pet stores are usually so cute. But if you knew where they come from they wouldn't be so cute. They come from puppy mills.

More than one million puppies are produced in puppy mills each year. They live in cramped, filthy conditions and receive little to no food or water. Buying puppies from pet stores supports these horrid conditions, and 98 percent of puppies in stores come from puppy mills.

These dogs can have diseases, psychological problems and aggression. When an older dog can no longer reproduce, it is shot and killed.

Puppy mills are bad news, so please say "no" to puppy mills.

Andrea Loehr Pittsfield Campers from Camp Humane at the Berkshire Humane Society in Pittsfield have written letters about puppy mills. Camp Humane is a day camp for students in grades four through eight.


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