Letter: Don't glorify war, celebrate peace

To the editor:

When did we start celebrating war instead of peace? When I was growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1940s, we celebrated a day in late May that, although it was on the calendar as "Memorial Day," everyone called "Decoration Day."

Our mothers told us the story of the women who, after the Civil War ended, went out to the cemeteries and decorated the graves of the fallen soldiers — Union and Confederate alike. They celebrated reuniting and peace. Then, in the midst of November at the 11th hour of the 11th day of that month, our school classes paused in silence to remember the end of the war to end all wars. We remembered sacrifice and celebrated peace.

Unfortunately that war was not the last one, and now it seems actual war and the threat of war go on continuously around the globe. And our celebrations of events past focus on military might. When can we stop glorifying war? When can we start celebrating peace again?

Marilyn Rossier,



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