Letter: Don't let the vulgar weaponize hypocrisy

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To the editor:

At a recent Trump rally, a supporter was being interviewed when suddenly the reporter recoiled due to spit being lobbed at the wearer of a MAGA hat.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is selling T-shirts with the motto "Impeach the motherf-----."

It doesn't matter and it isn't fair if some Donald Trump supporters might physically attack protesters or that the president now freely uses vulgar profanity. We have to be better.

Ivanka Trump was granted patents from China, while the president, her daddy, tweeted he was issuing an order to U.S. companies "To immediately start looking for an alternative to China ... bring your companies home."

Newt Gingrich and Trump express outrage at Bill Clinton's lapse of moral integrity yet were themselves unfaithful. Also, family man Rudy Giuliani had an open affair while mayor of New York City.

We're in an upside-down world where antifa wear masks making them look like thugs, while neo-Nazis and the Klan proudly march or taunt openly for all to see. I support anti-fascism and am always taking a stand against all bigotry and I have never advocated passivity. But we have to be better and smarter and not get into the manure. There are left-leaning shows and pundits on other networks but they present the facts first. Trump has quite literally an entire 24-hour news network that blatantly distorts the truth and is fast becoming close to a state TV. For every off-the-cuff remark, vulgarity and punch, Fox can show it on a loop, and we lose an independent voter. The stakes are more dangerous both nationally and globally than perhaps since the World War II era. Words and actions matter greatly and criticism might not be equal and balanced, but now is not the time to engage in "he started it first." It isn't fair. We have to be the grown-ups else all will be lost by something as disgusting as spit.

Maureen Pinna-White,




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