Letter: Draft-dodging presidents eager to get us into wars

To the editor:

I just finished watching the 10-part series on the Vietnam War. You would think that after that colossal failure and tremendous loss of life that people in power would have a clue. If George W. Bush had actually gone to that war instead of not having to go because his daddy's connections and money he might have thought twice about the war he started without a clue. Which leaves us now in the predicament we have in the Middle East.

Which also now leaves us with our current moron in office who also dodged the draft because of daddy's money and daddy's connections and his o-so-painful "bone spurs," and who claimed on Howard Stern that his "Vietnam" was avoiding venereal disease. Who now is threatening nuclear war without seemingly having a clue to the disastrous consequences.

I hear one of his stops in Asia will be where the factory in China where they make his "Make American Great Again" hats. So much for putting Americans back to work!

I just heard that his visit to Vietnam might be canceled because his bone spurs are back.

Jamie Larkin,



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