Letter: Eagle consistently unfair to President Trump

To the editor:

Whether one is a Trump supporter or "hater," the recent political cartoon of President Trump and the North Korean dictator depicted in diapers with roly-poly physiques saying, "My poopy diaper is bigger than your poopy diaper" should be viewed as disgusting and classless. Regardless of one's political affiliation, the office of the presidency deserves respect. Yes, it was a caricature conveying a political message using ludicrous exaggeration for comic effect. Yes, The Eagle has made no secret that it is a left-slanted paper, which joins with the rest of the mainstream media's 95 percent negative coverage of President Trump and his policies, according to Pew Research.

Since Jan. 20, 2017, I have documented The Eagle's publishing of approximately 650 anti-Trump cartoons and a like number of negative commentaries. Many are shameful. This one was beyond the pale. Is this the message the editors of this paper wish to convey?

The Eagle claims to embrace the philosophy of journalistic excellence. This can only be achieved by balance and fairness in news reporting and editorial selections. Considering this preponderance of demonstrated bias, it seems the editors have lost sight of this goal.

Intelligent readers who wish to get the "other side of the story" must go to Judicial Watch, The Hill, Circa News, The Washington Examiner, and (gasp) Hannity on (gasp) FOX. Readers who want to know all the facts will seek out these news outlets. Eagle readers deserve to discover information this paper does not consider "newsworthy."

Judith Belanger,



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