Letter: Eagle is now a paper for all of Berkshires

To the editor:

A few years ago, I was losing interest in the paper I called "The Pittsfield Eagle" because of its seeming lack of interest in anything happening in the southern portion of our county. The shuttering of The Eagle's Great Barrington office only served to confirm that observation.

Since its recent change of ownership, however, The Eagle's reporting on issues in the many smaller towns has increased substantially, both in quantity and in quality. I've been particularly impressed with reporter Heather Bellow's insightful reporting on South County issues and events. Her story in the May 14 Eagle on the Sandisfield Town Meeting was excellent, and is a great example of why The Eagle is now becoming more relevant and important to those of us who choose to live in the "hilltowns."

And don't imagine that someone in Sandisfield doesn't care about issues in Hinsdale or Becket: The smaller Berkshire towns are often struggling with the same concerns. Be it Chapter 90 funding for our roads, our general stores, cannabis farms or solar farms, there's a lot we can learn from each other about how to deal with these issues, and good reporting is essential to that learning process.

So kudos and thanks to The Berkshire Eagle for its commitment to live up to its name and become a newspaper for all of Berkshire County.

George Riley,



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