Letter: El Salvador policy may end a dream

To the editor:

On Monday, Feb. 28, 2000, early in the morning, I left my house in San Vicente, El Salvador and said goodbye to my four kids who stayed behind with my aunt. Leaving my family was the hardest day of my life but as a single parent, I knew I needed to find something better for my family.

Coming to the United States, a country that is totally different than my country, was not easy for me. I was in California for two years, living with my sister and her family. Working two jobs in order to send money back to El Salvador for my kids, and having no car nor my own place to live was very difficult. Working and working was all I did to be able to support my kids. I missed them so much, but I had no choice.

In July 5, 2002, I moved to Massachusetts with my cousins and started to work again. I met very nice people and worked two jobs again to continue supporting my kids.

In 2005, my daughter Tatiana came and that changed my life a little bit and in 2006, the rest of my kids came to the U.S. We were moving from place to place as my family was growing. I didn't care because I had all the ones I loved the most.

In 2009, I was able to get a mortgage and buy a house where we were able to move in. I kept working and working and in 2016, I was able to get approved for my second mortgage and bought my second house for our growing family.

In 2017, I made the decision of finally doing something for me. I started going to the Pittsfield Adult Learning Center and am trying to earn a GED. I would love to go to college and pursue a business management degree or maybe even become a teacher but my dream may be squashed if I am forced to return to El Salvador.

As I await my fate, I rely on the faith that I have in God.

Isabel Orellana,



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