Letter: Elitist Tedx fails to involve community


To the editor:

I have a real problem with the way the TedxNorthAdams conference intentionally self selects its audience from a very limited and elite pool. (The conference was held on Feb. 2.)

First off the tickets at $45 each are out of reach for a large portion of the population of North Adams. Roughly 60 percent of our population at or below poverty levels. Second, it has a very select limited attendance which leaves most of our community out. Third, I don't recall even hearing the 2019 conference was happening until glowing coverage showed up in our local "journalistic" outlets after the fact — but I'm sure that was just coincidence.

For a conference that was supposedly about community I find it odd that the community was intentionally left out, but that is usually the way with neoliberal busybodies.

From my window, TedxNorth Adams is nothing more than elitist backslapping.

Brian Hunt,

North Adams



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