Letter: Eversource let down customers in wake of storm

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To the editor:

The storm that passed through our region Tuesday left lots of homes without electrical power.

While we will never be able to prevent Mother Nature from periodically wreaking havoc, and it is certainly understandable that Eversource, our local utility company is overwhelmed with power restoration all over the county, they did a terrible job of communicating with the public.

When the power goes out, you don't know if it will be out for an hour, a day or a week. In my case, on Summer Street in Lee, it was 37 hours. Eversource has all of the right options on its website for finding out the status of restorations, but they don't work. How does one prepare without adequate information? Do I buy batteries, ice, dry ice?

It is appalling that in this era, with so many ways to communicate, that they don't do a better job. We basically had to drive around looking for storm damage and watch for repair crews in order to get some idea of the length of the outage. I'm certain that there will be a next time, and I hope that Eversource does a better job of communicating potential outage times.

Paul S. Palansky,




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