Letter: Explore alternatives to Lee solar array site


To the editor:

I have watched the progress of the proposal of Cypress Creek Renewables in Lee to remove trees from 38 acres of land at the end of Chanter Road, a location very close to Goose Pond. The site would be used for the creation of a solar array which, based on an estimate by Cypress, is expected to produce enough electricity to power 1,440 single-family homes. Cypress would sell the electricity to Eversource, which serves the Lee area. In addition to the unwanted destruction of the beautiful natural forest, there are several concerns about the potential for water runoff problems.

Why not consider an alternative? There is a huge parking lot at the Lee Premium Outlets not very far from the Chanter Road proposed solar farm. Businesses across the country are using solar parking canopies in parking lots that provide shade for cars in the summer months and protection against snowfall in the winter months while at the same time they generate renewable energy. Clearly this would be a better alternative than the destruction of 38 acres of natural forest, be a less expensive construction project, have no effect on potential runoff issues, and provide far less impact on our environment.

I do not know how much electric power could be generated from solar parking canopies at the Lee Premium Outlets. It is, however, an alternative that should be considered before our forests are destroyed.

Gerald Hayden,




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