Letter: Explore our govt.'s Sept. 11 conspiracy

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To the editor:

It was good to get the straight dope on conspiracies from Donald Morrison this morning ("A conspiracy you can believe in," Eagle oped, Sept. 5) — kind of. Though a big Smedley Butler fan, I had not heard of the pro-fascism, anti-FDR business plot of the early 1930s. Thank you.

But what about the impossible conspiracy concoction of the U.S. government's executive branch that a band of al-Qaida extremist Muslims pulled off 9/11, all by themselves? It's on its last legs these days but was still media-worthy enough to surface twice in an Associated Press report carried in the Eagle on Aug. 30.

To wit: "Members of the al-Qaida network [were] responsible for 9/11," and "Al-Qaida insurgents used Afghanistan as a base from which to plan the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States." AP implies that al-Qaida singularly perpetrated the crimes, with no help from anyone save the Taliban, who "harbored" the plotters.

Where is our "free press"? Why parrot elements of executive branch mythology despite mountains of evidence — unreported — to the contrary?

Mr. Morrison, get on the horn with some of your old Time Magazine pals and stir up a rebellion. Insist as an Eagle Advisory Board member that Larry Parnass get on the case. Stop pussyfooting around. War is a racket, as Smedley Butler put it, and you can do something about it.

Mark Miller,




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