Letter: Feeling bullied by CYC-YMCA link

To the editor:

We have been a loyal family to the CYC. A few years ago, they were left without a building. Thank you to Girls Inc. and Miss Hall's School for welcoming us into their facilities.

This year we have been told that for our 13-year-old daughter to participate in a CYC program we have to purchase a teen membership to the YMCA. This doesn't make any sense to me. The teen membership is $120 a year. We want to play basketball at the CYC, not at the YMCA. The CYC is losing kids because the parents do not want to pay for a membership at another agency.

I have heard that the CYC and the YMCA are collaborating together. That somehow the Y is supposed to help the CYC sustain itself. I don't understand how making a couple hundred people buy Y memberships helps the CYC.

I have contacted the CYC board of directors — nothing became of it. I also contacted staff at the YMCA and was told that its policy is that only members can participate in its programs. But this is a CYC program. I feel bullied into buying a membership to an agency that does not service the memberships they are requiring people to buy. The CYC programs do not use the YMCA building.

I feel that CYC participants are being bullied into these memberships and the Y is gaining a lot of revenue.


Cheryl McLaughlin,


The McLaughlins have been a CYC Family for more than 25 years.


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