Letter: Fighting COVID, racism, means being responsible

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To the editor:

Americans must fight two deadly pandemics: COVID-19 and racism.

There is obviously no unified leadership from the federal government. President Trump is an utter and complete failure. He is totally caught up in his own ego and ineptitude.

Thus, each individual American citizen must work with each other to survive the rampages of COVID. For myself, I shelter at home but I do go out for long periods of time to walk my dog. It's easy to honor social distancing outside and most folks have a mask and respect distancing. My challenge, unfortunately, is leaving and entering my home. I live in a multi-apartment building, and too many folks disregard mask and distancing. There are groups of people clustering outside with no concept of what is necessary. When I question this act of ignoring protocol, I get a vague definition of freedom and "doing what I want to do." The other reaction is "I don't care." I do not understand these attitudes!

Freedom is not just a concept of doing what one wants to do all the time. Freedom entails responsibility. That responsibility is to self, community, and country. Generations have struggled, fought wars, and continued to build on the concept of LIBERTY. Ignoring the well-being of others is not expressing freedom. It is just plain irresponsible, selfish, and self-serving. Only by working together will America be victorious over COVID — and racism.

Pat Sheely,




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