Letter: Free education for all who serve our country


To the editor:

In response to Thomas Wojrkowski's March 28 letter regarding free education and the G.I. Bill, I applaud him for obtaining community college degrees in Pittsfield and Barnstable. However, I disagree with his position on free tuition for everyone, as he does not appear to have any requirements for receiving it

I, too, am a veteran of World War II, serving in the Naval Submarine Service, and I also took advantage of the G. I. Bill provided to veterans who served in a time of war. We were uprooted from our families and life in general. Some vets served as many as four or more years. Some were wounded, scarred for life, lost limbs and suffered from psychological problems. Many would never life a normal life again. So in my mind, we earned this free education.

I would learn toward providing a free education for all, but there would be a caveat. I believe that everyone should serve their country in some way. They could join the Peace Corps, the military, or serve in some other volunteer government organization. This way, they would be doing something for the country as we did in WW II to receive a free education.

Also, how would the government pay for free education for all? The taxpayers in this country are overburdened now. Just look at the upcoming new taxes in Berkshire County to build new schools, fix outdated water and sewer systems, and fund major road repairs. Then add federal taxes for free education on top of these.

Richard M. Paul,




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