Letter: Frustrated by failed search for Patriots

To the editor:

Even though I live in North Carolina now, I lived in Boston for 35 years. I am visiting family in Tyringham so I thought I could go to a local bar and they would have the Patriots game on. I was mistaken. I went to four establishments from Lee to Dalton remembering that Dalton had either the Boston channels or Channel 22 out of Springfield.

Since the emergence of Spectrum, I guess they assume the Berkshires are in New York. Someone said to call this establishment in Pittsfield that supposedly had all the sports channels, but they too did not have the Patriots game. So with the NFL Network showing the Bears-Broncos game, the only way to get the game live was on the radio.

I find it amazing that I was not able to watch the game. I guess Sen. Markey does not consider Berkshire County to be in Massachusetts since DirectTV says it is not allowed by law to show Massachusetts TV in Berkshire County. As far as we have come technologically, shouldn't we be able to watch what we want?

Walter Palmer,



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