Letter: Give Trump his wall for a very high price


To the editor:

President Trump wants a wall. It has been a consistent message of his for longer than I care to remember. His base also wants the wall no matter what the mayors of border towns feel about it (read/listen to recent NPR interviews). Trump wants it bad, perhaps more badly than ever, and that's the key to a solution.

The Democrats should be willing to give him the full $5.7 billion (let reality on the ground dictate how it is spent) but put something equally important to them on the table. How about complete protection and a route to citizenship for not only DACA folks, but all undocumented immigrants in this country for at least a period of time, say, two years? How about comprehensive immigration reform as was once agreed by a bipartisan group of legislators? How about substantial funding for humanitarian treatment of all detained immigrants? I would put all of this on the table with public fanfare if I had my way, and let the negotiations begin.

A proper compromise needs to have balanced pain and reward for both sides. That's how negotiations ought to be conducted and concluded.

Edward Lane,


The writer is an adjunct professor of finance and economics, University at Albany (SUNY).



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