Letter: Given up on Rep. Neal and his staffers


To the editor:

I agree with the letter to the editor written by Susie Kaufman and Richard Brown on June 7 regarding Congressman Richard Neal being unresponsive.

Last year I contacted Rep. Neal's offices in Pittsfield, Springfield, and Washington by phone four times about an issue that I have been very concerned about. It is both a local and national issue that negatively effects every person who ever uses a telephone.

Each time the person who answered the phone listened to what I had to say and assured me that someone would get back to me. That never happened. After four attempts, I have given up on Neal and his staff.

There is a lemon law for cars that says if the car dealer does not remedy the problem on a car they sold you after three tries, then you get a different car. I believe it is time to elect a new representative for the First Congressional District of Massachusetts.

Jim Edelman,




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