Letter: 'Good' president guilty of many evils

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To the editor:

I just read an letter from Ms. D'Agostino about the inherent goodness of our current president ("Trump stands up for innocent life," Nov. 6.). I have a slightly different view.

I see a president who has constantly sided with murderous dictators, a president who separates children from their parents and holds them in pens, a president who only wants people from Norway (maybe white) coming into our country, a president who says there were "good people" on both sides in Charlottesville where an innocent person was killed by a white supremacist, a president who has just abandoned an ally in the Kurds, who sacrificed 11,000 of their own people to defeat ISIS for the U.S. in Syria for another murderous dictator in Turkey, a president who constantly treats women with disdain and so on.

And oh, by the way, it was not long ago that this kind president was pro choice.

Fran Kennedy,




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