Letter: Gratitude expressed to Alberts, Loeb's


To the editor:

Reading the June 4 article by Clarence Fanto concerning the retirement of the Alberts makes me want to add my congratulations but also to thank them for their customer service. I became a regular customer of Loeb's when I began to bring my mother there to do her shopping. She was living in Kimball Farms Pine Hill Assisted Living. The van took residents to Price Chopper for shopping but for my mother, this huge market was overwhelming. We, therefore, began going to Loeb's.

It was an outing for my mother and she enjoying walking just a few aisles clinging to her walker while I pushed the cart for her. Sometimes an employee would be stocking the aisle and ask us whether we needed any help. The staff was always friendly and helpful so my mother loved going there. As she cashed out, the cashier would always have a friendly conversation as my mother would take an extra treat from the shelf of freshly baked muffins.

When my mother passed away, what better place to cater the reception after her service at Trinity than Loeb's. Earl was extremely helpful with suggestions, delivered everything to the church and told me to see him the week after to settle the bill.

A little kindness goes a long way when you are a senior citizen seeing your world close up on you. Loeb's was a weekly bright spot for my mother. Thank you to all the employees there.

Lynne Harding,

Spencertown, NY.



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