Letter: Gratitude for quick response when storm struck


To the editor:

Kudos, high fives and a hearty thank you to the Pittsfield Fire Department, the workers of Eversource Energy, Clean Harbors Company and Spectrum Cable for their exemplary work in our neighborhood this weekend.

Here's the story: On Saturday afternoon a gust of wind felled a tree onto the power line snapping the top part of a utility pole in front of our house. The lines and a transformer dangled in the tree limbs sparking and burning and leaking oil. We called 911. Firefighters were on the scene within 5 minutes and the electric company within the first half hour. The gas company (Dig Safe) too. We were awestruck watching the Eversource team repair and replace a pole, transformer and the power within four hours! Then the Hazmat team from Clean Harbors came from Springfield and worked on the transformer's oil spill in the dark and windblown rain until late night. On Sunday Spectrum Cable came by and replaced my neighbor's severed line and reattached our downed cable line back onto our house. Everything but a few scars on the landscape and the street was back to normal within 24 hours!

Often times these working men and women toil in a thankless job in horrible conditions. This morning we sit comfortably with our hot coffee and warm toast in front of our TVs and computers with the memory of these hard working pros whom we all too often take for granted. We are grateful.

Mike Scaramuzzi,

Leslie Mickle,




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