Letter: Great Barrington pot plan is wrong for neighborhood


To the editor:

Everything marijuana is big today in Massachusetts. Retail, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution are all parts of the process. The former and latter usually do not affect residential neighborhoods. Cultivation and manufacturing do and do not have to if town boards are sensitive and empathetic to adjacent residences.

Fulcrum Enterprises plans to cultivate/manufacture marijuana on 5.8 acres at 22 Van Duesenville Road in Great Barrington. The acreage is zoned industrial, but the project requires a "special permit" from the select board. There are numerous unintended deleterious consequences for adjacent residences in the cultivation, such as odor, security, lighting and health. Fulcrum assures all concerned that the negatives will be ameliorated by professional subcontractors. Assuring is not guaranteeing.

"Special permits" require that the applicant meet five criteria. The most important of the five is that the proposal not be "more detrimental to the neighborhood." The Fulcrum project is very much more detrimental to the neighborhood. "Special permits" should only be granted if all concerned are in favor. That is not the case at 22 Van Duesenville Road.

J.A. Beacco, Jr.,

Patricia A. Beacco,




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