Letter: Guiel offers a positive approach to Ward 2

To the editor,

After watching Pittsfield's ward council candidate's forum, it is crystal clear that Ward 2 is ready for and in need of change. With every response, Dina Guiel brought a fresh perspective that highlighted her grasp of the issues, as well as her resourcefulness. She also offered a positive vision of how a ward councilor should approach the challenges that face our ward and our city.

I was disappointed to see that the incumbent focused only on the problems and not on how he has or plans to participate in the rebuilding of our city. When asked about ward "issues," Guiel correctly cited the growing frustration over our declining infrastructure and the need to invest in our youth. She further went on to discuss residents' frustration with the lack of proactive and solution-focused dialogue from our current ward representative.

When answering the same question, the incumbent spoke of unsafe sidewalks and a growing concern about the city's current financial situation. The six-year incumbent offered no perspective of how we address these concerns, also seemingly unaware that these declining conditions have taken place under his watch as ward councilor. Contrary to the assertions made, it is not enough to be an opposition vote on the council and nor is it enough to simply report constituent concerns. We cannot afford another two years of reactive representation.

Throughout her campaign, Guiel has been focused on the need to expand our tax base by attracting young families, workers and employers to our city. She has made it clear that she understands this as being the solution to our revenue and infrastructure issues, while it remains unclear if Kevin Morandi understands this important fact.

Dina Guiel is prepared to bring innovative concepts and ideas to problems that have existed and persisted for the past six years. A new viewpoint on problems such as setting tax rates, reducing crime, engaging youth and being mindful of the diverse and changing population of Ward 2 and the city of Pittsfield is not only refreshing, it is necessary. A vote for Dina would be a choice for change.

Mary Daniels,



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