Letter: Guiel will bring positive change to ward, city

To the editor:

Councilor Kevin Morandi claims that his time on the City Council is why we need to re-elect him. When discussing the city's strained financial state, he repeatedly touts his mere presence on the Council as making him the more qualified candidate when it comes to working with our municipal budget. To that, I ask my fellow Ward 2 voters: "What was Councilor Morandi's role?" Simply being in the room does not qualify one as a leader, nor does it qualify them as a participant. We do not need another term of rubber stamps and opposition votes that amount to nothing more than divisiveness.

Now more than ever, we need to elect someone who can represent Ward 2 and act as a constructive participant in the budget process. We need someone who has experience working with budgets and working to improve efficiency.

I would like to remind voters of the proven skills that Dina Guiel is offering. She holds a master's in public administration and public policy analysis. This background has trained her on how to work with budgets. In her time working in transportation, she worked with the budget of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, identifying opportunities to improve program efficiency and cut waste. As a program developer working with outreach programs, she has created budgets.

If our city is going to go back into the green, we need a City Council of creative and experienced professionals. I am asking the voters of Ward 2 to consider what more is possible. A vote for Dina Guiel is a vote for experience, and that is the change I will be voting for on Tuesday.

Zach Durso,



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