Letter: Gun violence an American disease


To the editor:

The Port Arthur Massacre in Australia occurred in 1996, with 35 people killed and 23 wounded. Brave, ethical and moral politicians voted for gun laws that mandated federal government regulation of the import of guns, firearms registration, firearms licenses, background checks, a ban on certain assault firearms, firearms buyback and firearms amnesty. These politicians knew they would lose their jobs, which happened, but they knew it was the right thing to do.

America needs moral and ethical politicians like the ones in Australia, who were willing to sacrifice their jobs and a few pieces of silver in exchange for doing the right thing, because doing the right thing has resulted in no mass shootings in Australia for 20 years since 1996, when these gun laws were passed, and suicide and robberies significantly decreased

I believe that doing the right thing is the most important duty that a person has — no matter one's occupation — during the short period of time we have on this small planet. Perhaps a reader might think I am naive, but if doing the right thing is naive, then America has lost it's moral compass.

Renzo Del Molino,

Great Barrington



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