Letter: Hair styles can impact audience members' view

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To the editor:

Pamela Tatge, artistic director of Jacob's Pillow said that in the program she asks her audience members to "please refrain from behavior that could disturb other patrons"(oped, July 11). But what she is not understanding is that, whether someone is a person of color or not, one's hair style can very much affect the enjoyment of a performance for the person sitting behind you.

I have noticed at recent performances, not only at Jacob's Pillow but at many other venues, that women and men have chosen to have hair styles that pile the hair on top of their heads, thereby making seeing the stage for the person sitting behind them if not impossible than definitely a challenge and while you are bopping back and forth to see the stage the audience member behind you is upset because you are interfering with their enjoyment of the show.

Without a doubt the person sitting behind the woman, whose story Ms. Tatge relates, should not have had her hair touched (if in fact it really was) but their statement that "it's too bad they seated us here because we're going to have a hard time seeing the stage over that hair" is perfectly understandable. And I repeat, no matter the person's color, such a hair style is inconsiderate to the person sitting behind you.

Would Ms. Tatge think it would be unacceptable if someone asked the person sitting in front of them to remove a large hat which impeded seeing the stage?

Yes, we need to "refrain from behavior that could disturb other patrons" but that should not only include talking, opening candies, using cell phones but also the hair style you choose to use that particular evening.

Barry Markowitz

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.



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