Letter: Harrington only offers political ambition

Letter: To the editor:

District attorney is an elected position but it cannot be a political one. Political motivations have no place in an office where the goal is to seek justice on behalf of all citizens of Berkshire County. Andrea Harrington has never worked in a DA's office and clearly does not know the DA's position is by constitutional and ethical mandate apolitical.

Harrington is desperate to deflect and attack because her experience is dangerously lacking. What has she accomplished in her career that she can honestly point to and say, "This is why you should trust me to be DA"". Harrington states that she's a reformer but can point to no achievement reflective of this. If such an accomplishment existed, she would campaign on it. She has no experience as a prosecutor, administrator, or any meaningful public service, but wants to be the most powerful law enforcement officer in the county. Her platform is one of promises, not achievements.

Harrington consistently says things that betray her as unprepared for the tough work of the DA. She was unaware of the depth and breadth of the DA's community outreach and education program. She was unaware that that the Berkshire DA's office has prosecutors on call 24/7 to help police officers with legal questions. She continues to make promises that no DA can keep.

Harrington's attacks are the result of two things: her lack of any prosecutorial experience and her raw political ambition. She glosses over her lack of experience and deflects questions about it like a skilled politician with the standard "system needs a change." Of course, the system needs many changes, but Harrington is in no way prepared to take a position she knows little about to affect that change. How many criminal cases have you tried, Andrea?

Mildred Willis,



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