Letter: Harrington will bring a fresh perspective

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Andrea Harrington for district attorney.

I have known Andrea for several years and find her to be a knowledgeable, caring, open-minded individual who is fighting for real change in the district attorney's office. Andrea is an advocate for criminal justice reform, and has proposed several programs and initiatives to accomplish her goals. She is willing to go the extra mile to fight for justice, and has effectively made the distinction between violent criminals and non-violent offenders who need help.

Andrea has proposed new ideas that will hopefully help people get better and put them on the right track to recovery. Andrea is a very understanding person, and is willing to tackle the root of the problem and make life better for everyone.

Andrea believes that education is the solution to the problems that Berkshire County has with drugs and addiction, and is willing to provide counseling programs designed to help people recover from addiction and get back on track.

Andrea is, like me, an advocate for others in need, and has become a very active presence at Berkshire County cultural and political events during the campaign. Whenever I see Andrea, I feel very comfortable talking to her about the issues at hand, and she always provides interesting and valid points about the topics at hand.

Andrea would be an effective district attorney, and would welcome input from the community as to how to move us forward. We need more candidates like Andrea Harrington in this day and age. Andrea is a young, new face who will bring a fresh perspective to the district attorney's office, and I encourage people to vote for Andrea Harrington for district attorney on Sept. 4.

Jonathan Swartz,

North Adams


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