Letter: Horses suffer for rodeo crowd's entertainment

To the editor:

So now the Berkshires have a rodeo! The Eagle published pictures and an article (Aug. 5) that described riders on "bucking" horses, and a child quoted as saying, "I want to see them men kick those cows."

Why are the horses "bucking," you may ask? Are they having fun, too? As the rider amuses himself, and the crowd enjoys the spectacle, the horse is "bucking" because it is trying to reduce the extreme pain it is undergoing. To have a "bucking bronco" for the rodeo crowds, the animal has to be in pain inflicted by the application of spurs, flank straps, and sometimes by prods and tail twisting.

But the rodeo is only one of many ways that we humans continue to exploit the suffering of helpless creatures to entertain ourselves. The fight against cruelty to animals is ongoing, and legislation to stop it is gradually being passed. In the meantime just stay away, as without the public's support, cruel entertainment will wither and die!

Edna Dugas,



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