Letter: Hospitals, govt., not ready for coronavirus

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To the editor:

Hospitals are not prepared for this coronavirus. Speaking with an emergency physician from New York City, he stated that people with the illness should not come to the emergency room where the nurses and doctors are not wearing the proper protective gowns, as entire staffs will be infected. Potentially infected senior citizens from nursing homes should be treated in their current facilities at this time and not brought to the hospital. Recently I heard an interview with a doctor from a significant health center who was bragging about the 10 rooms they have for treating such viruses. What are they thinking? Ten rooms for a pandemic outbreak?

We should not listen to politicians and the health professionals under the control of these politicians for advice on what to do about the coronavirus.

How ridiculous is the outlined procedure proposed by these health officials? If you are ill, go to your doctor to be tested and contaminate his staff. Or go to the emergency room and infect the emergency room staff. Who is going to take you there, because you will also infect them? Or isolate yourself at home and spread the virus to your family, though this may be the only choice at this time.

We need draconian measures for this virus or any virus of this magnitude. The government should be rushing to construct specialized buildings or facilities for people with this virus or any other virus. These facilities would not be connected to the general hospital population. Everyone working in that facility would be wearing the appropriate suits as we have seen worn in China. Everyone working in this facility will be trained to treat and care for infected patients. The facility would be supplied with all the necessary medical equipment to administer and service the patients.

Arrangements would be made for people to have a visual phone conversation with staff from these facilities. If the team evaluates them and considers them infected, they will send a suited staff member to pick them up in a specialized vehicle. We must be prepared to service thousands of people with this virus, not the few we have now. Some questions go unanswered. Are we to think that the virus just dies or goes away or are we to assume that we are to live in a world contaminated by this virus until we have found a vaccine for this virus?

We cannot listen to those proposing to offer advice. They have agendas that do not include the well-being of you and me as priorities. Our government should be rushing to construct facilities for caring for our sick and infected citizens and not depend upon hand washing and staying away from others.

Rocco Cirigliano,




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