Letter: How can Republicans defend their hypocrisy?


To the editor:

Open letter to my Republican friends:

As we enter the third year of President Trump's term, you should be extremely pleased with the policies he has accomplished for you:

- The selection and confirmation of two conservative Supreme Court justices.

- Too numerous to count conservative federal court judges.

- The tax cut for corporations and the wealthy.

I totally understand why you support the above, however, what I don't understand:

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- How you can call yourself a conservative when the tax cut policy has increased the national debt by $2 trillion?

- You have always condemned tax-and-spend Democrats. But what you have supported is a tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of 95 percent of us.

- The conservative right has always supported pro-life policies, yet supports an immigration policy that separates children from their parents.

- Very shortly, you will be actively attempting to cut Social Security, Medicare and other programs as you have done to Medicaid. You are not concerned for anyone other than yourselves.

Now that you have accomplished the policies you believe in, I ask the question: Are you allowing our democracy and the future to diminish for personal gain?

Your president is not concerned for our country. It's all about himself. I can only describe him as a "bad man." Discretion keeps me from saying how I truly describe him.

Peter T. Murphy,



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