Letter: Hull Oil accentuates positive for customer

To the editor:

Felix Carroll's Dec. 31 commentary, "Accentuate the positive," inspired me to respond by accentuating a positive.

On Friday Dec. 29, I found myself stranded in rather desperate circumstances. A nice woman called to say that the heating oil I ordered last Tuesday could not be delivered. My driveway was too sketchy. She suggested I call a different carrier.

That felt like a tall order but heating oil in January is not a luxury. Houses that use it need it.

I called John B. Hull Oil Co. Within three hours he sent an employee for a site visit. The same gentleman came by early Saturday morning and filled the oil tank.

This year of Trump has made me extra fearful and wary and weary. Frank and Jack from Hull Oil Co. have reminded me that I still live in a place where my hopes can fly high.

I never talked to a machine or waited on hold at the Hull Oil Co.

Susan Andersen,

New Marlborough


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