Letter: Hypocritical supporters propping up Trump

To the editor:

Since Trump supporters are suckers for conspiracies, Trump is smart to embrace the Russia scandal full-on and try to turn it to his advantage. Just to be clear, when I say Trump is being "smart" I'm not referring to intelligence. Trump is undeniably a very "street smart" politician. He's read almost no books in his entire life so he is essentially ignorant and wholly unsophisticated. Emotionally, he is pathologically insecure, which is why he continues to have pointless campaign-style rallies long after the election is over.

He's too lazy to actually do the hard work of governing the country. I guarantee you, Trump never read a single word of the Republican health care bill. Not only because he is too dumb to understand it, but because he simply doesn't care. As conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer pointed out, Trump's only interest in health care is his desire to notch a legislative "win" for himself.

Let's get back to Trump's adoring fans for a moment, because that is the part of this whole story that I find so disturbing. Growing up in rural Iowa in the 1950s and '60s, I was firmly embedded in solid conservatism. These were "real" conservatives. Farmers, blue collar workers, small-business merchants. Most of them were veterans of WW II or Korea.

I won't romanticize or gloss over the bigotry and prejudice that existed. But, at the same time, they were overwhelmingly friendly, polite, and morally decent people. They were also hard-nosed and realistic. An extremely high value was placed on the notion of "common sense," and that included the ability to judge a person's character.

Let's fast-forward to the present. There is no absolutely no question in my mind that those old-timers would have taken one look at Donald Trump and immediately pegged him as the loud-mouthed phony that he is. We have the new, modern, spoiled, raised-on-television, instant-gratification baby-boomer conservatives who can no longer think for themselves. They let blabber-mouth radio and TV hosts do their thinking for them. It's always someone else's fault. It's the media! It's the liberals! It's the Dark State!

What a laugh to think that "personal responsibility" is a big mantra with this crowd who refuses to hold Trump responsible for anything he says or does.

Arne Waldstein,



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