Letter: I wish we would take coronavirus more seriously

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To the editor:

What a strange statement I read in a recent letter to the editor: "I believe the honor system to be a witch hunt at best." (Eagle, "Reader finds travel restrictions a bit too restrictive," July 30.) Literally, if it is to be the honor system, no one is conducting an investigation. So how can the honor system be a "witch hunt"? The writer does hit upon a deeper truth, as they expose the fundamental flaw of the proposal. It isn't enforceable, being that it is the honor system, which is only further proof that it isn't a witch hunt. Their assertion that they won't be complying with the honor system, while they travel only to "safe states" is further proof of why the United States will be dealing with this virus much longer than places that believe in facts, and take substantive action.

While I would love to believe the writer's view is a minority sentiment, I have read far too many friend's views expressing the same. I wish people were willing to take this seriously, and take even the most minute steps to defeat the virus. And yet, what we get is talk of a government conspiracy to control lives, when the reality is that we have expert suggestions to control a contagion that endangers lives. My opinion of the intelligence of my fellow Americans during this pandemic has severely declined.

Brian W. Barnett,




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