Letter: If everything is great, why all the anger?

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To the editor:

We are subjected almost daily to the rants from the Trump right extolling just how wonderful we are all doing as a nation, taxes, jobs, regulations, the stock market, etc. They cite all kinds of data to validate their support to which I would say in normal times, all well and good. But I have to ask the question. If we're doing so great under Trump and the Republicans, why then is everyone so angry all the time and getting angrier by he day? What could it possibly be given that we are enjoying the greatest — fill in the blank — of all time?

Except. Except the man and his supporters really, really, really aren't the kind of people you can trust, or like to be around, or want to lead the nation. Trump has created the Us vs. Them, death to all Democrats! He just said it today, this is civil war! The media are the enemy of the people! The "others" are invaders and on and on and on.

If he was a CEO in any company in the world, he'd have been cashiered years ago. It's the man, the flawed man, the human man and the flawed human system, the Congress that enables him to be that kind of vile leader we want to resist. First, we have to vote Trump out then we have to have new leaders that will recognize that the system is broken, the checks and balances no longer work, if they ever did, and fix it.

Mark E. Pompi,




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