Letter: Ignore detractors, back Clarksburg school plan

To the editor:

Dear Clarksburg: I am one of the lucky teachers that has the privilege to work at the Clarksburg Elementary School. I walked through the doors in 2004 as an MCLA college student, and fell in love with this school and this community. I have been a student teacher, a teaching assistant and an interventionist. Finally, in 2009, I was blessed enough to have my own classroom and became the first grade teacher.

The new building project has created quite a stir in the community. The plan to renovate and expand the failing building has divided the town in a very negative way. I have read some extremely harsh comments attacking the town and the school and it pains me greatly.

Clarksburg is my family and I will always defend my family. I work with amazing teachers. They are my brothers and sisters. They push me to do my best and set an exceptional example of dedication. I have taught almost every student in the building, and I feel they are "my children." I can only hope they felt the love and support I had for each and every one of them in our year together.

I have the most amazing principal, who despite being only a few years older than me, reminds me of my mother. Tara Barnes makes me want to work harder than I have ever worked. She, like a mother, pushes me to do my best, guides me when I am unsure and celebrates my successes with me. She constantly reminds me, "We do what is best for our kids."

Clarksburg is the shelter and home to this family. This very small, close-knit town keeps our family safe and growing. This cannot happen without the support of the townspeople. I know this project is a huge financial undertaking, but I ask you the same question: "Is it best for our kids?"

For those of you who are really questioning your position, please come to the town's informational sessions and learn the ins and outs of this project before you make your final decision. I beg you not to listen to the harsh critics who are sharing incorrect or misleading information to create a sense of doubt. Trust in your family.

Jennifer Stratton,

Stamford, Vt.


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