Letter: Ignore negativity, work as one for museum

To the editor:

I am concerned regarding a recent opinion column in the Boston Globe by Jeff Jacoby about the Berkshire Museum stating people who are opposed to the sale of 40 pieces of art want the museum to fail and have the art given to other museums. I have been involved since July in the grassroots effort to oppose the sale and have not once heard anyone want that outcome! Both sides agree on wanting the museum to not only survive but thrive. However, they disagree on how to do that. There's recognition of the effort that has been put into the "New Vision," but others think there are other ideas that don't involve such a drastic solution that could be explored.

We in the Berkshires need not join in our recent national culture of misinformation and demonization of the other side. Also, we should not give in to fear and panic regarding closing of the museum when officials have said it would have to close in eight years. Doesn't that give us some time to see if there are other alternatives to losing our treasures to private hands? Why not make use of the national publicity that this has generated and bring back the art and show it? I would think that is a good beginning for more people to be drawn to the museum from all over the country.

I think most people would agree that the museum needs help with finances and generating enthusiasm and support. Already with the controversy new energy and interest has been shown and could be channeled into a revised "New Vision 2.0" that involves a new paradigm of holding the treasures and evolving. Why does the old have to go to make room for the new? Change is inevitable but how that is implemented is the question.

We as a community could unite to be an inspiration for other communities with small but special regional museums trying to preserve their unique collections and evolve with the times.

Martha Lenz



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