Letter: Impeachment is a waste of Democrats' time

To the editor:

It is time for the Democratic Party to stop the nonsense of impeachment. The dislike we have for this president is well deserved. However, to attempt to have him removed by impeachment or under the 25th amendment is a waste of energy. Congress will never support it.

Congress is getting everything it wanted: tax reform to help its financial supporters and wealthy friends; reductions on environmental controls on clean air and water; reductions on social support for the less fortunate; less spending on education and most importantly attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no alternative.

What the Democratic Party needs is to support candidates that care about people and to assure that Bob Mueller has the opportunity to complete his investigation. Then, let the chips fall were they may. We must put our energy and resources behind making a difference vs impeachment and attempting to execute the 25th amendment.

Peter T. Murphy,



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