Letter: Infanticide itself: Will no one speak out?


To the editor:

Twenty-two years ago, there was controversy about a proposed bill to ban "partial birth abortion." At that time (Dec. 31, 1997), I wrote a letter to The Eagle praising liberal patriarch Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan. He had explained his vote to ban this procedure with just four words "too close to infanticide." No one said it better, then or now.

And now we are still arguing about late term abortion, but this time it is not "too close." It is about letting a newborn child die on a table in the delivery room, on the say-so of the mother. Infanticide itself. My God! What have our politicians come to? Is there no Sen. Moynihan to shine a light on what they are doing?

We cherish "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness," but without life, liberty and happiness can never be.

Ed Dartford,




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