Letter: Invest in renewables to save our planet


To the editor:

In recent years, there have been major protests over climate change. I know it is a big problem and it's not only just outside, but also in the political circle. There is no end in sight for this argument.

Many politicians feel there is a need for fossil fuels to keep the planet's atmosphere at a stable level. People who love fossil fuels don't really care about the planet they are born and live on. This is where the anger from activists occurs and they know all too well climate change isn't abstract. Protesting at events may provide a voice, but it really doesn't solve the problem we are facing today.

Without fossil fuels, temperatures would be much cooler. To save the planet they need to be banned. People refuse to realize their planet and health are at stake. When will they acknowledge what they are doing is destroying the planet instead of helping it?

If you want cleaner air, go with renewable energy instead of the planet-destroying fossil fuels. We need to heavily invest in renewable energy to save the planet we live on today.

Is there a way to change and make a difference? Can we show the evidence to climate change deniers? Denying climate change is the same as denying all critical issues. Even if the true facts are there, the minds of deniers are still saying it is abstract. But why deny the real truth about science?

B.J. Steigner,

N.Y., N.Y.

The writer is a former resident of Clarksburg.



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