Letter: Iran is evil, but is our response proper?


To the editor:

I was listening to NPR's interview of an Iranian official. I am not happy with our higher chance of of war but I do not want people to think that Iran calling the killing of Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Iranian Forces, a terrorist attack is true. That so-called citizen of Iran caused many Americans to die. He was a terrorist! He was not innocent. Iran is using Trump's own tactics of pinning their crimes on their enemies.

Iran causes more terrorist killings and wars in the Middle East than any other Middle Eastern country. I do not think any American should side with Iran. They did deserve to be punished for their complete disregard of lives throughout this planet!

But will lowering ourselves to Iran's level end Iran's tyranny or help us ever have world peace? If Trump did this act to prevent his impeachment from being on the front pages and to help him with the upcoming election then he is as much of a criminal as the Iranians, but if he actually acted with full understanding of the consequences and made the decision because the evidence told him he had no other diplomatic choices then I pray we do not end up with a full blown war and our children, our soldiers, are not sent to die in a conflict that has no ending.

Wendy Frenkel




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