Letter: Is it time to call for a new national election?

To the editor:

If Robert Mueller's investigation determines that collusion with Russians seriously impacted the 2016 election, and if that collusion is attributed to Trump, his family and/or "advisors," then I believe it behooves us to throw out the election for president and vice president and call for another election.

Election of a vice president is not a separate deed — the vice president is inseparably linked to the president as far as our election process is concerned. Therefore, if collusion is the issue, the V.P. must be removed, along with the president, rather than simply moving the V.P. into the president's office. As this has never happened before, it is not a knee-jerk reaction, but would need major effort by our House and Senate.

Many have acknowledged the enormous impact of social media on this election. Given all the above, would it be prudent to start a social networking effort, throughout the country, to request a new national election?

Stuart Masters,



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