Letter: It looks like a majority opposes art sale

To the editor:

After reading the letter to the editor signed by 195 people in support of Berkshire Museum's plan to sell its artwork ("A bold step forward for Berkshire Museum," Oct. 7), I just want to point out that there have been more than a few letters expressing dismay over the Berkshire Museum's art auction.

Yes, the letter, signed by 195 people — some of whom are my friends — was articulate and made some good points. However, I could easily get 195 people to sign this letter saying this art sale is wrong. Look back at the many letters by business owners, professionals of the art world and movers and shakers of the Berkshires. There have been many, many voices raised against this terrible idea. The voice of the community is divided to be sure, but I would bet more are in favor of keeping the art that belongs to our community!

Amy Renak,



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