Letter: It took a team to save St. Mary's

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To the editor:

During the mayoral debate, I heard the current mayor state, "I saved St. Mary's Church," I was very taken back when I heard this because there is no I in TEAM. When I saw the endorsement photo in the Sept. 28th Berkshire Eagle on the steps of St. Mary's with the mayor and a band of current and past politicians, I felt compelled to write this letter.

The endorsement picture deeply disappointed me. A more authentic and accurate picture might have looked like this — the mayor handing a citation for community activism to the people who spearheaded a grassroots effort to engage citizens in the community to save the church. And in a real community-minded photo, on the steps behind the citation giving mayor, instead of the band of politicians would have been all the citizens who gave homes to the Save St. Mary's lawn signs, who wrote letters to the editor, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes under the leadership of several women and men. A picture like that would have shown true community spirit giving credit where credit is due instead of promoting a singular political cause using the backdrop of the church.

Thank you to the TEAM who worked tirelessly to save St. Mary's Church. You are the ones that made that photo possible.

Christine Yon,


The writer is a former Ward 1 city councilor.



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