Letter: 'It's A Wonderful Life' is fairy tale with message


To the editor:

Much of what I love about the holidays comes from my willing participation in fairy tales. While I believe most in reflecting on the original story of the birth of Christ, I also indulge in the fluff, the snow, the music, the colors and the food. Most of all, I buy hook line and sinker into the notion that once a year, people can be a little more caring, sharing and happy.

One fairy tale I have to indulge in at least once every year is the movie "It's a Wonderful Life." I'm drawn to the idea that our hero can be brought to realize the meaning he/she has offered to people in their everyday life, the notion that to have true friends is what makes a life instead of collecting money, accomplishments and accolades. What a tale that is in our current society. Imagine a world where a local bank actually cares about its customers enough to resist greater economic advantage. Imagine a community where people pull together for the greater good and recognize others as fellow travelers in need of kindness instead of competitors or strangers to be feared.

Perhaps the most relevant part of the movie to modern life is in the desire of the hero to take his own life. How many people find themselves in desperation when they feel lost in what at the moment seems to them a meaningless existence? Just maybe we need to put away our phones and wallets and open our eyes to the wonder all around us, the chance to be a small but significant difference to each other, the chance to have a wonderful life.

Scott Haskell,




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