Letter: Junk car crackdown good for North Adams


To the editor:

As lifelong residents of North Adams, we were so glad to see that Mayor Tom Bernard would begin a crackdown on junk cars. In following this ordinance, which has long been on the books, taxpayers in North Adams will soon see an end to the blight being caused by absentee landlords who allow properties in North Adams to turn into junkyards. Many neighborhoods which were once beautiful are no longer so due to the neglect of slumlords who have no regard for this city.

We were disheartened reading a letter to the editor July 11 claiming that the only reason the crackdown is happening is to please MoCA folks. That really doesn't make sense. Most of the properties that contain the blighted cars are not near MoCA. However, we as taxpayers follow a road home every day that has two junk car properties.

It was also said in the letter that this crackdown is affecting folks trying to get commuter cars running again so they can work. Mostly, what we've seen and are affected by are the properties that have many junk cars. We don't believe this is directed at hard-working folks just trying to get by. This ordinance is on the books to protect everyone from landlords being allowed to single-handedly take down a neighborhood by not caring.

The enforcement of this ordinance is no different from the many other communities who are enforcing the same ordinance.

Let's decide what we want in North Adams. The upswing that North Adams is experiencing benefits all of us. Let's be supportive of this attempt to improve our community and allow taxpayers' properties to remain valuable.

Peter and Mary Ellen Breen,

North Adams



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