Letter: Kavanaugh hearings escalate long trend

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To the editor:

I hope all of us, Republicans and Democrats, will ask themselves the following questions about the dispute between Professor Blasey [Ford] and Judge Kavanaugh over his suitability for the Supreme Court. My suggestions follow.

— Was the vote fair? Personally, I was deeply saddened that only one Republican senator voted for Professor Blasey and only one Democratic senator voted for Judge Kavanaugh. This was a political fight, not a judicial vote. The blame for this, I argue, lies in the deeply flawed hearings.

— Flawed, you say? To give but one example, Professor Blasey claimed that two high school males assaulted her. Personally, I cannot understand why the second male was not asked to testify. Fact finding seems to me to have been very superficial.

— Was Judge Kavanaugh's reaction too temperamental? Personally I think (a) if Professor Blasey had tried the same anger, tears and disrespect, she would have been far more criticized, and (b) Judge Kavanaugh's claim that his critics were part of a left-wing plot by Democrats is both undocumented and inexcusable.

— So who really loses? In my view, the Supreme Court. Escalating a long trend, Supreme Court appointments are now so openly ideological that probably most controversial rulings — and certainly Judge Kavanaugh's — will be seen as political, not judicial. Egged on by President Trump's sarcastic tweets, the court will increasingly be seen as simply part of the political struggle that so unfortunately deeply divides us.

Peter Frost,




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