Letter: Keep the 'new vision' and the artwork, too

In the editor:

If the Berkshire Museum trustees want to have an interactive science museum, they should buy the building across the street that is for sale and make it there. It can be run as part of the Berkshire Museum. Rather than sell the art to create it, they can raise funds for it the old-fashioned way — through fundraising. That should be easier now that the museum has been in the spotlight and it has made its need for increased support known.

Then the art that they want to auction off can be preserved and even featured more prominently in the existing museum building, which can then remain intact. The trustees can gut the new building as needed to make their "new vision" plan a reality. That property would make a great science museum and has lots of parking. This would give both sides what they want. The trustees would get an interactive science museum, and the citizens would get to keep their art and have it displayed more fully in the museum that Zenas Crane built and Norman Rockwell donated his paintings to. Both sides can then come together and heal!

Trustees, please consider this thoughtful plan for the future of the museum and those it is meant to serve!

Dolores Darby,

Wendell, N.C.

The writer was born and raised in Pittsfield.


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