Letter: Kindness can restore humanity to world

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To the editor:

The recent tragedy that destroyed 176 lives last Wednesday in Iran should rock the souls of all human beings. It should serve as a wake-up call to all of us that violence precipitates violence. The absence of wisdom and discretion paved the way for this tragedy to occur.

As I strove to find a way to cope with the recent tragedy in Iran, I decided to read "Everything You Need" by one of my favorite authors, Dr. David Jeremiah. Reading his book helped restore my hope for humanity. It shows how human beings were designed by their Creator to successfully navigate the pressures of life with confidence and grace.

Kindness was the topic he addressed in Chapter 8. This precious virtue is sorely lacking in today's society. Somehow life's demands take precedence over the need to extend kindness to others. Dr. Jeremiah shared many excellent examples of lives that were enhanced when someone took the effort to show radical kindness towards them. He spoke about truths that would help diminish anger and hostility. I found myself jotting down many of them and then thought why not find a way to share them with others? Here are some of the key truths he wrote of that I feel might help increase peacefulness in our volatile world.

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— The more you grow up, the less you blow up.

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— Maturity involves learning to control how and when we express our anger — and how to replace it with brotherly kindness.Fortify others with your words; your words need to enrich and uplift those who hear the.

— Kindness is the essence of the Greek term "philadelphia" (brotherly love) and the good news is there are millions of ways, great and small, to put this into practice. Our opportunities to be kind are virtually infinite.

— Kindness creates its own chain reaction. When you do something unexpectedly kind for someone else, the gesture takes on a life of its own. You never know where the ripple effects will end.

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Dr. Jeremiah eloquently wraps up his chapter on radical kindness in an illustrative way. Allow yourself the privilege to read it. Let his message sink into your heart, mind and soul. I believe it holds the key to restoring humanity.

Beverly J. Tobin,



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