Letter: Lack of integrity, not leadership, at fault

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To the editor:

The response by the head of the police union to the announcement that numerous state troopers would be fired and possibly lose their pensions because of the overtime scandal was classic.

He stated that the problem was actually "a failure of leadership." In other words, it was all the boss' fault.

Let me see if I've got this straight: State troopers can't be expected to act with honesty and integrity unless their commanders specifically tell them to.

"OK, boys, just a reminder to you all that you're not allowed to lie, cheat and steal money from the taxpayers. I know it's a lot to ask, but that's our official policy. Any questions? I don't see any hands raised, so let's all be safe out there."

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Does the stance of that union boss remind you of anyone? It should, because it's pure Trump: never, ever take responsibility for anything. (Unless, of course, it's something positive. In that case, even if you had nothing to do with it, brag and take all the credit.)

Always make excuses and blame everyone else for every problem (Obama, Hillary, CNN, Pelosi, etc.). And, of course, always lie and cheat if you think you can get away with it. Actually, that last one needs to be revised, since it's no longer necessary for Trump to conceal his dishonesty now that he has a corrupt Senate and Justice Department in place. Retaliatory firings related to whistleblowers is illegal under federal law but, hey, who's going to prosecute him? A groveling toady like William Barr?

It took Trump a couple of years, but he finally got rid of anyone with any courage and integrity and has now surrounded himself with spineless, boot-licking yes-men. Any organization that operates on the basis of fear, which is Trump's specialty, is inherently corrupt to its core.

To be honest, I just never thought it would happen to the presidency of the United States. I highly recommend "Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump" by sports writer Rick Reilly. Trump's unabashed dishonesty is truly astounding, and, in a sick kind of way, quite entertaining. Reilly is very funny, which helps ease the pain somewhat.

Arne Waldstein,



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